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Stop The Statute of Limitations On Rape

The Coalition

​​​Lesley Barton

​​Lesley Barton is the Spearhead of the #StopTheStatute of Limitations on Rape movementA long time activist, presently a real estate agent, and formerly a political consultant for individuals running for county, statewide, and national offices. Lesley is also a rape survivor who openly spoke out across the major broadcast network news stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, WGN), on the radio (WBBM), and in print (DNAInfo) in the Chicagoland area with her voice, face, and name to try to reach out by giving a voice to her sister survivors, help protect the public at large, and inform all who watched, listened, and read that the only one to be blamed, shamed, put on trial, and hide is the predator who rapes - For Lesley and 9 other victim survivors over 15 years, that predator is Marc Winner.

Lesley Barton, is the first survivor of record who reported accused Tanning Salon Serial Rapist and Strangler Marc Winner in the Chicagoland area for Criminal Sexual Assault in 2001. Later, he pled down to Misdemeanor Battery and received only 2 years probation. Fast forward to present day and there are now 4 victim survivors within the statute of limitations, 5 outside of the statute, and Lesley. ​Sadly there continues to be a re-victimization of survivors often at the hands of the judicial system that is suppose to protect and defend them. The system often falls devastatingly short with only 1 in 300 rapists spending a day in prison and 34 states and the District of Colombia continuing to confusingly have a statute of limitations on rape (IL's SOL is 3 years to report and 10 years for trial) when a number of states do not even have SOLs on non violent crimes like in CO forgery, CA embezzlement of public funds, and FL the unlicensed practice of real estate. These facts have proven to Lesley, the Coalition, and Movement that there is a great disparity that needs to be rectified.

Lesley Barton conveys that with the enlightening of the populace and the beginning of a mass understanding that 94% of the time the predator is known to the rape survivor, the time has come to make history for our country's children and future generations on a basic human rights and law and order/serve and protect issue that crosses party lines. The time is now to #StopTheStatute of Limitations on Rape, that only emboldens rapists further, once and for all.